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At ControlIT, we offer a powerful Dataflow solution that addresses, among others, complex issues in System Integration, Data Centralization, ETL, or Automation. Furthermore, it is offered under an innovative Solution as a Service (SolaaS) model, where you don't have to worry about how to do it, as we take care of that for you.

Common Dataflow Solution

 System Integration

We integrate any type of system, allowing data to flow seamlessly between them, enabling interoperability and thereby helping to improve your productivity.

Real Case



Alertran / Beetrack

Problem: Bidirectionally integrate logistics systems for clients, such as Beetrack, with the Alertrán logistics system.

Solution: Through our data flow platform, we implement various WebHooks to allow logistics systems to inject delivery data, which is then further injected into Alertrán through an API. A similar process is used for communication from Alertrán to client systems, enabling bidirectional communication and real-time data synchronization between different systems.

Benefit: The ability to interconnect with different systems has provided the company with a significant competitive advantage, enabling it to offer enhanced services to its clients.

Benefit of SolaaS

With SolaaS you don't need to learn complex software, nor do you have to install, configure, or rely on specialized personnel. With SolaaS, ControlIT takes care of everything necessary to solve the Dataflow-related problem.

Common Dataflow Solution

 Data Centralization

We assist you with data centralization, which is the foundation of any analytical framework. Whether you're doing reporting, machine learning, or any other analytical activity, you'll need to have data consistently and easily accessible.

Real Case



Data Sources

Problem: The holding is composed of different companies, each of which uses different, independent systems. This made it extremely challenging to conduct business intelligence on a global level.

Solución: We connect daily to various data sources (databases, APIs, Excel files, among others) to gather the billions of data points that we ultimately centralize in the holding's data warehouse, running on Google's BigQuery.

Benefit: The centralization of data has provided the holding with a comprehensive view of all operations across its centers, yielding significant benefits in various areas of the company. For example, in the supply chain area, there is now greater negotiating power as procurement of inputs can be done at the holding level, rather than separately for each center.

Why is it difficult for companies to do data analysis?

Most companies do not have their data centralized, usually due to technical or time limitations. This centralization is essential for proper data analysis. We facilitate the entire process for you.

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Common Dataflow Solution


With automation, you can transform repetitive and tedious tasks into efficient and automated processes.

Real Case

Real Estate



Problem: Synchronize and consolidate information daily from multiple current accounts across different banking entities, along with the corresponding ERP system data.

Solution: We created different Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows to automate the daily extraction of data from various banks' websites. Additionally, we integrated information from the SAP/ERP system. All of this data was consolidated in a single Postgres database, used to generate dashboards. Our platform also automatically generates Excel files from this database, which are then sent to different users.

Beneficio: Thanks to this solution, the entity managed to improve the efficiency of its financial management, reduce personnel costs involved in the process, and enhance decision-making.

Perfect, APIs for everything, but now what? 

Thanks to API, obtaining diverse information is no longer a problem; the challenge lies in automating and ensuring the loading, creating incrementals, formatting it, and finally integrating it with other APIs or centralizing it in your databases (here, 'data lakes'). The process is not as simple as they portray it. But don't worry, that's what we're here for. that's our job!

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No matter what industry you’re in, APIs have become a key ingredient in accelerating transformation. You don’t have to be a tech company to reap the benefits of APIs because the opportunity exists in every industry, and ControlIT is here to help you work with them.


The data is fundamental for any business, and at ControlIT, we help you keep it under control. Integrating, loading, moving, centralizing, synchronizing, automating, modifying, and transforming are some of the actions we can perform on your data to assist you.


Whether you have a micro or macro business, it doesn't matter. Whatever the size of your business, our solution is optimal for you. At ControlIT, we work on the solution you need regardless of your company's sector or size.

 For all

In ControlIT, we aim to democratize the flow of data and make it accessible for any company. Our motto is to make it easy for you!

Our main mission is to facilitate Dataflow so that companies can focus on what truly matters to them: their business.

ControlIT was created out of the need for companies to move data easily and without relying on external software. The focus should be on the final solution and not on the tools or software used to achieve it.


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